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BVI Boy – British Virgin Islands
Fighting Class: Athlete, Strategist

17 year-old BVI was born in Virgin Gorda and raised in Tortola. Through out his early childhood he has always been a hardcore soccer fan. He idolized legends like Pelee. So it was no surprise that he ended up being great on his feet. Soon BVI Boy discovered that he had the ability to generate kinetic energy balls that he could bounce, manipulate and detonate at will. Since BVI Boy is more skillful with his feet than hands a lot of his attacks include dribbling and shooting; he views every enemies as a goalie. While some view his techniques as just a few tricks they are quickly silenced when he shoots one on them. BVI likes teaming up with Rocxan (From St. Lucia) since she has the ability to change the density of the kinetic energy spheres he creates by adding in some metals and minerals. Using soccer skills on a battle field is unorthodox but it always catches the enemy off guard. Oh and he likes Manchester United.

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