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The fitness buff from St. Lucia. .Roxsan and her twin brother, Tremr both possess the Piton Power and as such have the power to control the element of earth. Tremr controls seismic activity while Roxsan can manipulated rocks and sand and just about every mineral in the ground. She can reshape and restructure almost any metal. You’d be better off fighting against her with a plastic sword. She is a strict trainer and takes her health very seriously. As with other Brawler Types like Super Dominica, Captain Trinidad, and her own brother, Roxy will tend to take on enemies several times her size. She can cause rocks to float and use them as her ride. But something that is always in the way of her full potential is her ego. She’s seems to always be angry at someone or something. It’s usually her brother who calms her down even though sometimes in a fight her rage could be a good thing. She is still protective of Tremr. Although they are no longer kids as the older twin, she often feels responsible when something happens to him. Roxsan is always at odds with Super Dominica because she thinks SD is in love with her brother, when it’s actually the other way around.  But CJA would not be complete without her. Tremr has to rely on her to do many of his attacks. They make a great team.

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