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Super Dominica (Waitukubuli Warrior) – Dominica
Fighting Class: Warrior

Claire Valmond was born into a family that was steeped in the Kalinago Traditions. Over time the 19 -year-old grew annoyed at her mother’s obsession of preserving pottery, baskets and other items significant to the Kalinago culture. In so much that she eventually despised it. But a series of events changed that when Claire encountered a special vase which gave her the ability to transform into a beautiful Carib Fighter known as the Waitukubuli Warrior. Caribbean Justice Alliance members refer to her as Super Dominica. In the transformation Claire goes from being a mere 5 ft to 5.5ft, having jet black long hair. Her voice changes and takes on a completely different personality. Claire’s fanatical mother believes that down throughout Carib history in Dominica that there has always been a “Super Dominica” of some sort and that she has chosen to manifest herself in Claire. Claire is fully aware of herself as Super Dominica but is constantly haunted by visions of an ancient Kalinago woman holding a long spear. This, Claire’s mom believes, is The Legendary Kalinago Warrior- the first of Dominica’s protectors. To this day Super Dominica searches for answers.
Super Dominica’s power is rooted in Nature itself. She cannot control all aspects of nature however can speak and understand all animal languages perfectly, can wield water, fly, focus nature energy for special attacks and has Super Strength. She has to dodge bullets as she is NOT a Woman of Steel.
She has a direct connection to “Dominica’s Heart” and instantly knows when something is terribly wrong on the island. Now that Claire has tapped into Super Dominica’s power she has gained a wealth of knowledge concerning Ancient styles of combat which is why she falls into a Warrior Class. She also received some more training from Yurumei (from St. Vincent) Personality-wise, SD is overall very easy going. She will get the job done as quick as possible no questions asked. Her main rival is VI Girl. There is a vibe between these two that no one can explain. Apart from the fact that Tremr (St. Lucia) is always trying to impress her and the comedic Captain Trinidad always challenging her to a test of Super Strength, her relationship with the whole gang is ok.

(Credit to Josanna Lockhart who aided in the designing of Super Dominica’s custom. She made sure that we included the loin cloth in the final work.) 


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