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Nadia aka Spice Woman – Grenada
Fighting Class: Strategist/ Survivalist

Dr. Nadia Green is a chemist. Her husband is a surgeon. A lab accident left them both with green hair and eyes and a heightened sense of vision. Also enhanced were their cognitive abilities which enables them to calculate large equations in seconds. Nadia has the best vision in all the CJA members. Her line of sight is so good that killing an ant with an arrow from 300 meters away is child’s play. Not only can she see objects from far away, she can see the entire molecular structure of any object in one blink. This comes in handy with disarming things like bombs or knowing whether something is poisoned or not. They call her the Spice Woman because she is a specialist in creating formulas that can that can do several different things to the human body. And she does all of this with herbs and spices. This is something Afro Super Dominica is fascinated with since most of her strength does come trees and vegetation. With this ability combined with her immaculate eyesight, Nadia develops toxins for her arrows for slowing down enemies. Most of the time she uses non-lethal solutions. Both Nadia and her husband are the ones responsible for patching up the team when they get hurt. They both understand medicine and make great partners for anyone on a mission. The only married couple in the Caribbean Justice Alliance. Jamaica X often finds himself relying on her stealth and visual prowess on missions. Her bow is stored in her gloves and is activated when it’s action time. Personality-wise Naida makes one feel that you always need a chemist by your side. She is often mistaken for only being a far-range combat but Nadia can hold her own in hand to hand combat. Truly an asset to the Alliance.

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