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VI Girl – US Virgin Islands
Fighting Class: Athlete, Warrior*

VI Girl is often acclaimed as the “Fastest Woman in the Caribbean” by her comrades. If CJA had golden warrior it would be VI Girl. Her speed comes from her ability to super charge herself by gathering static electricity in her surroundings. She was mocked as a child for her unusual hair color. This came as a result of a Mysterious GOLD GENE which causes humans to possess certain abilities and alter certain bodily features. In VI Girl’s case, it was her hair run very fast and charge electricity.
The greater the charge the faster she will run. Athlete types are great with speed but generally not so big on strength however, if Vi Girl over charges she will go into “Warrior Mode” gaining the VI Shield, super strength, and an electric sword. Over-charging also gains her the ability to fly. A proud Virgin Islander, VI Girl is always challenging Super Dominica to a duel. But We’ll see how that goes.

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