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Connecting Beyond Campus: Greektory’s Magnify Conference in Houston Plans to Build Bridges for D9 Members

Greektory, the app that is working to revolutionize connectivity within the Black fraternity and sorority community, has announced the launch of its 2024 Magnify Conference. Scheduled from April 18 to 21, 2024, at the Westin Oaks Galleria in Houston, Texas, the Magnify Conference promises to be a transformative event tailored exclusively for fraternity and sorority members.

The brainchild of Ronard Green(Kappa Alpha Psi), Matthew Plunkett(Omega Psi Phi), and Bruson Ovil(Phi Beta Sigma), Greektory has emerged as a digital platform facilitating networking, event planning, and community engagement within the Greek community. With a focus on transcending traditional boundaries and enhancing relationships, Greektory aims to provide fraternity and sorority members with unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Ronard Green(Kappa Alpha Psi), Matthew Plunkett(Omega Psi Phi), and Bruson Ovil(Phi Beta Sigma)

“The Magnify Conference is not just a conference; it’s an extraordinary experience designed to elevate personal and professional growth for attendees,” stated Ronard Green, co-founder of Greektory. “With a focus on networking, professional development, and a high-energy atmosphere, Magnify promises to be the ultimate destination for fraternity and sorority members seeking meaningful connections and opportunities for career advancement.”

The Magnify Conference will feature a host of key features aimed at enriching the experience for attendees. Networking opportunities will include providing fraternity and sorority members with a powerful platform to connect with industry leaders and explore avenues for career advancement. Additionally, the conference will boast an impressive lineup of guest speakers, each sharing their success strategies and providing invaluable insights into personal and professional development.

Recognizing the importance of personal growth, the Magnify Conference will offer sessions delving into strategies for thriving in both personal and professional life. According to the organizers, attendees can expect a high-energy atmosphere filled with engaging activities and memorable experiences, ensuring that the conference is as enjoyable as it is informative.

In addition to the main conference events, attendees will be able to look forward to several exciting side events. These include a pitch competition for small business owners within the fraternity and sorority community, a speed dating event, and a stroll-off competition where chapters can showcase their creativity and unity.

Greektory has extended a warm invitation to all fraternity and sorority members to join them at the Westin Oaks Galleria in Houston, Texas, for the 2024 Magnify Conference and tickets to attend are available online here.

For Ronard Green, Matthew Plunkett, and Bruson Ovil, the Magnify Conference represents a continuation of their commitment to empowering fraternity and sorority members and redefining the landscape of Greek life through innovation.

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