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A Conclave with a Purpose: Omega Psi Phi Prepares to Host 84th Grand Conclave in Tampa

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., is set to convene its 84th Grand Conclave in Tampa, Florida, from June 27 to July 2. This biennial event is expected to draw thousands of fraternity members, dignitaries, celebrities, and community leaders. The Conclave aims to foster fellowship, development, and community service, emphasizing activism, philanthropic efforts, youth mentoring, recognition of fine arts, health and wellness, and the celebration of decades of social action.

Omega Psi Phi’s Grand Conclave is not merely a routine gathering; it is the fraternity’s principal assembly for addressing organizational business and strategizing future directions. This year’s Grand Conclave has been aptly dubbed a “Conclave with a Purpose,” reflecting the fraternity’s response to current social and political climates. “Our goal in Tampa is to reassert our leadership as Omega men by providing a forum where ideas, activities, and tools to shape a more equitable future on both the local and national levels can be discussed, leveraged, and amplified,” the fraternity stated in its press release.

The agenda and events surrounding the conclave fully fit with this being a “Conclave with a Purpose”, offering a range of activities aimed at community engagement and empowerment.

Some of the events include:

  • Community Forum: Designed to educate and empower community members by enhancing their understanding of the impact of legal and legislative changes on their lives.
  • Voter Registration Education and Mobilization: A statewide initiative focused on increasing voter registration among historically underrepresented groups.
  • Book Drive: A campaign to collect and distribute books focusing on African American history and culture, which will be placed in small libraries within urban communities and through partnerships with local organizations, schools, and businesses.
  • Silent March and Rally: A symbolic protest against policies that restrict civic engagement, undermine equity, and distort historical records.

“Our intention in Tampa is to be visible, vocal, and deliberate in communicating and demonstrating our position as community leaders and offering strategies to make a change,” the fraternity emphasized in their press release.

The fraternity’s efforts in Tampa are poised to leave a lasting impact on the community, embodying the spirit of brotherhood and leadership that Omega Psi Phi has championed for over a century.

As Omega Psi Phi prepares for this pivotal event, the fraternity continues to honor its legacy while forging a path toward a more just and equitable future. The 84th Grand Conclave promises to be a milestone in this ongoing journey, exemplifying the fraternity’s dedication to service and leadership.