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Scarlet Ballerina – Tobago
Fighting Class: Weapons Specialist, Athlete, Survivalist, Strategist

In short, she’s insane. Scarlet was born, raised and trained in Tobago but is not your typical fighter. She looks up to Captain Trinidad as a mentor and followed his life lessons closely. But perhaps the main thing that sets Scarlet apart from the other Caribbean Heroes is her lowered sense of emotionslike fear or anxiety even in the face of danger. Nadia has checked her head several times and she seems to be fine. Scarlet gets a rush when put in dire and dangerous situations and seems to fight better when her life is in danger. Everything from scaling treacherous rock faces without a harness to rushing into gunfire with nothing but Katana blades to defend herself is on her resume. But showing less fear doesn’t mean that she’s completely irrational or just a mad woman. The 2 blades on her back a reversed edged for the sake of incapacitating rather than killing enemies. Most of Scarlet’s attacks actually dance moves which she developed as a twist on the training she received. She fights better with music on (particularly Soca Music) and so it is not uncommon to go into battle wearing headphones. Hand to hand combat is her first line of defense. If she takes out those Katana blades, then things are serious. Caribbean Justice Heroes who fall into 3 or more fighting classes are perfect for solo missions as is the case withe Scarlet, who can be as loud as St. Lucia’s Tremr and Roxsan or as quiet as St. Kitts’ ninja girl Kneva. At full power each of her blades burn with a black and red flames. Scarlet as an insatiable appetite for all types of Caribbean food. She’s a rival of Jamaica X because she thinks he’s the most dangerous person on the team and is intrigued by that. Like him she’d usually show up at the last minute trying to be all heroic and stuff. But you can count on the fact that the when she is in fight that she will use all six sides of that room to her advantage. Scarlet likes teaming up with Bahamia Blue (because of her heightened sense of hearing) and Captain Trinidad (because of his Super Strength and ability to literally throw her places.) She’s easily a lovable character since always ends up being the life of the party at CJA HQ.

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