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Tremr – St. Lucia
Fighting Class: Brawler

His name says it all. A man who is hailed by his comrades of the Caribbean Justice Alliance as the Mighty Earthquake. In the world of CJA St. Lucia is one of those islands with two Super Heroes. Tremr and his twin sister, Roxsan have been endowed with the “Pitons Power” which gives them the ability to manipulate the earth. Tremr focuses on Seismic activity while his is sister manipulates the rocks and boulders. Tremr can change the density of any part of his body. In doing so dodging bullets is not necessary. The Golemn Fist is literally a Hand of Stone. Tremr is is pretty easy-going dude unlike his sister who’s always screaming at somebody. He’s been chasing after Super Dominica for a date ever since he heard her say that she is only into men who can speak can fish, cook and speak creole. As much as he would like to stay by her side 100% of the time, Tremr’s best team up partner is his sister. A lot of their attacks cannot be done when they are apart. His fighting style annoys people like Kneva and Jamaica X (masters of the the stealth) because his moves are so noisy. But they understand that there is no such thing as a quiet earthquake. CJA will depend on Tremr to clear out large group of enemies quick. He is always up for a good fight.

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