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 Kneva – St. Kitts Nevis
Fighting Class: Survivalist, Strategist

Born in Nevis and raised in St. Kitts, today Kneva is probably the most secretive on the Caribbean Justice Alliance. Kneva has been trained as a ninja to never show the enemy any type of emotion in combat, so you’d be lucky if you caught her smiling. While many of the other Super Heroes flash their immense-outlandish powers, Kneva is no show off. She get the job done in the quickest time possible through her mastery of stealth and remaining hidden. Kneva was trained to be an assassin but to ths day refuses to kill. Perhaps one the most unusual of her abilities is the skill of manipulating Sugar Crystals. She can create anything out of sugar including weapons and clones of herself. Her pet monkey is also highly skilled as always present somewhere in the shadows. Kneva doesn’t have Super strength but she is still good match for Brawlers like Captain Trinidad and Warriors like Super Dominica. It’s her lack of emotion that throws them off which often poses a problem in her relationship to Jamaica X. Kneva wins most of her fights by confusing her enemies with an attack called the Kittitian Mirage: a barrage of Sugar Clones.

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