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Did You Know the Grand Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho, Rasheeda S. Liberty, Is the Owner of a Successful Sports Agency?

Did you know that the Grand Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Rasheeda S. Liberty, is the owner of a successful sports agency?

In the heart of Women’s History Month, we at Watch The Yard celebrate the remarkable achievements of Rasheeda S. Liberty, the current Grand Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho. Beyond her esteemed leadership within this historic Black sorority, Liberty stands as a trailblazer in an arena typically dominated by men. As a powerhouse in the corporate world and the founder and owner of Lady Lib Sports and Entertainment, she is shattering glass ceilings and redefining success in the sports agency industry.

Liberty embarked on establishing Lady Lib Sports and Entertainment in 2021 as a beacon of excellence and empowerment. Today, the agency offers a comprehensive suite of services, including contract negotiation, legal consultation, marketing endorsement, brand building, crisis management, charitable organization establishment, and post-career transition assistance. Liberty’s commitment to providing holistic support to her clients underscores her dedication to their success both on and off the field.

“In the sports industry, women often excel behind the scenes, orchestrating success without always stepping onto the field. For me, there’s profound significance in representing young underrepresented athletes. They embody resilience, talent, and untapped potential. My journey into this industry stems from a deep-seated belief in the importance of equitable representation and empowering athletes to thrive beyond the game,” Liberty tells Watch The Yard. “Each negotiation, each contract secured, is not just a transaction; it’s a step towards amplifying their voices, showcasing their skills, and ensuring their long-term success both on and off the field. At Lady Lib Sports and Entertainment, we’re dedicated to nurturing the full life cycle of our clients, from collegiate play to retirement, because they’re more than just athletes — they’re inspirations, trailblazers, and the future of the game.”

Drawing upon her formidable networking skills, corporate acumen, and unwavering “no limit” mentality, Liberty has carved out a unique niche in the sports agency world. Her approach to client management encompasses a trifecta mentality, addressing not only the athlete but also the individual and the philanthropist within. This philosophy, honed through close involvement in the industry and connection with the athletes she represents, forms the cornerstone of her agency’s ethos.

To add to this, Liberty has made it a focus to bring Black talent to her team and has multiple D9 members on staff including her Chief Legal Officer and Certified Agent, Joyvan Malbon-Griffin (Sigma Gamma Rho);  and her scouting analysts, Chris Mitchell (Kappa Alpha Psi) and Brandon Ashe(Alpha Phi Alpha).

“As a woman leading in the sports industry, I recognize the importance of diversity and inclusivity. By actively seeking out members of organizations like the Divine Nine to join our team and roster, I not only expand our talent pool but also foster a sense of unity and representation within the industry. My goal extends beyond simply representing sports players; it’s about creating opportunities and breaking barriers. We need more diverse voices at every level of this industry, and by bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and affiliations, we not only enrich our team but also pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in sports.”

The agency currently represents an impressive roster of athletes from the NFL and HBCUs, PWIs as well as the Canadian Football League and United Football League including:

  • Xavier Smith – FAMU – NFL Los Angeles Rams
  • Ryan McDaniel – NCCU – UFL Memphis Showboats
  • Davius Richard – NCCU – 2024 Draft Class
  • Joshua Cephus – UTSA – 2024 Draft Class
  • Balewa ‘BJ’ Byrd –Morehead State – CFL Toronto Argonauts
  • Leon O’Neal – Texas A&M – CFL Edmonton Elks
  • KeSean Carter – University of Houston – CFL Ottawa Redblacks
  • Miles Brown – Wofford College – CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Nelson Jordan II – Alabama State University – CFL Toronto Argonauts
  • Tylar Wiltz – Pitt – CFL Ottawa Redblacks
  • Marcus Williams, Jr. – Louisiana Tech University – CFL Montreal Alouettes
  • Ronnie Thomas – Mississippi Valley State  (Alpha Phi Alpha)
  • Keyshawn James – Fayetteville State (Omega Psi Phi)
  • Morgan Ellison – Southeastern Louisiana 
  • Jacoby Jones – Texas 

Liberty’s ascent to prominence as a female sports agent serves as a testament to her resilience and determination in a traditionally male-dominated field. By challenging norms and breaking barriers, she paves the way for future generations of women to thrive in the sports industry. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let us salute Rasheeda S. Liberty for her unwavering courage, visionary leadership, and indomitable spirit, inspiring us all to reach greater heights.

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