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Jamaica X – Jamaica
Fighting Class: Weapon Specialist, Strategist, Survivalist

Possibly the most perceptive member of the Caribbean Justice Alliance; he is usually the first to sense when something is wrong. As with all Weapons Classes X knows a variety of fighting skills with different types of weapons. However his main weapon is a huge sword he calls the “Black Blade.” The Black Blade is a shape-shifting sword has a minimum weight of 75lbs yet he maneuvers it like a feather. The Black Blade can manipulate elements like fire, water, air and earth. Even sound can controlled by the blade. It also has a de-materializing feature which can literally erase objects. As a strategist he takes the lead in insurgent operations and despite the size of his sword he is still a master of stealth. He prefers working with heroes like Kneva (from St. Kitts) and Nadia (The Spice Woman from Grenada) since they are also Survivalists. But X trusts no one. He is always adamant about taking on challenges by himself or going on covert missions without notifying the CJA. Arrogant, yes, but is usually right about his hunches and hypothesis. He sort of has a thing for Kneva but with her monkey constantly in the way, we are not sure what’s going on. So what if Super Dominica can fly. X doesn’t need to. Master several martial arts and god-like agility is enough to make up for that.

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