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La PodeRoza – Dominican Republic
Fighting Class: Athlete, Brawler*

Roza Baez was born into a family of all boys. Helping out in her father’s store and heavy lifting soon became a major part of her life. At age 9 her Mr. Baez noticed that his daughter was getting incredibly strong. For sometime he thought it was because she was always hanging with her brothers. He also could not understand why her hair grew so fast either. Things really started getting strange when she started participating in amateur boxing competitions. She beat everyone, both men and women at the mere age of 14. As unoriginal as her name is it came as a result of her quick knockouts. Some people in Santo Domingo started looking at her as the embodiment of pure power. Others thought she was a monster and even tried to kill her quite a few times. Mr. Baez feared for his daughter’s saftey. He knew that her incredible strength was starting to get out of hand. He knew of a friend who knew Yurumei of the Caribbean Justice Alliance. At the age of 16 Roza was left in the care of Yurumei. She would learn how to control her power, speak fluent English and other forms of etiquette. Under Yurumei’s strict training Roza discovered the “gracefulness” that exists in the use of her power. Unlike a lot of the other Caribbean Alliance members, she is both Brawler and Athlete. This means that she is proficient in the use of both speed and power at the same time. This also means that she has two main fighting styles. GRACEFUL and SAVAGE. When she first arrived under Yurumei’s care the Tom-Boy Roza thought that in order to be strong she had to try to like one of the guys. Yurumei blew that ideology away when she taught her the GRACEFUL use of rose petals to turn the opponent’s strength against them. Sometimes those rose petals are used as tiny blades. This “Mind-over-Matter” training soon gave Roza the ability to fly. GRACEFUL style is meant for defense where as SAVAGE style is mainly offensive as it makes use of powerful punches. Roza still has quirks about accepting help from boys but she understands that being strong has nothing to do with gender; that you can love flowers and still kick bad guy butt. And that’s ok. Roza has gotten used to her long hair and makes sure she that it’s always cut just above her heels. Both Super Dominica and Roza hate when people mistake Dominica for Dominican Republic and somehow that has fostered a friendship between them. She’s found friends in BB (Bahamas), Vincent G and BVI Boy, her crush. (Of course BVI Boy is more concerned with soccer to even notice her most of the time.) These 4 teenagers will often go on their own adventures by sneaking from under Yurumei’s watchful eyes. But she knows what they are up to about 90% of the time. The 16 year old hopes to use her powers to fight crime in Santo Domingo when she is finished her training.

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