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Have Your Friends Write an Encouraging Note to You. Put It in a Box. Read It When You’re Sad.

As members of Black fraternities and sororities we are supposed to be there for each other right? Thats what we pledged to do when we joined our orgs. Well, we at Watch The Yard have a quick and easy way for your line, your chapter or even your close group of friends to help each other out when you feel down or sad…drumroll…an encouragement box.

The idea popped into our head today when we took to Instagram to ask our followers, “What are some things you do that help you deal with sadness?”

We got over 100 responses in a matter of minutes.

One of the responses that really stood out to us came from @the.real.selfmade who told us that she had an inspiration box that she made where she writes positive messages to herself when she feels happy so that she can read them when she feels down. The twist was that she also had friends and family members contribute to the box with messages to her.

Now this isn’t a new idea, people have been doing boxes like this for years. What really stands out though is having multiple people who love you contribute to the box.

We got to thinking, what if you could make an event out of this for your chapter, your line, or your close group of friends.

It is cheap, easy and it can go a really long way in terms of contributing to the mental health of people close to you.

Since this is a website focused on Black fraternities and sororities, we thought that we would help you plan an Encouragement Box.

Here is what you do:

  1. Get some paper and some envelopes or small boxes as well as scissors + pens and markers.
  2. Grab your close friends, chapter, or line and sit in a circle or at a table.
  3. Go around the circle and have everyone write an encouraging short note to each of the people in the circle. Include things you like about the person, why you think they are special, and a sentence about why the earth is a better place with them on in. Make the notes deep and personal.
  4. Pass around the envelopes/boxes and put the notes in each person’s individual box.
  5. Let them take it home. When they are sad or feeling down they can open the note and be surprised by all of the love and encouragement.

Try this out and let us know if it helps. It is a great community building exercise that can go a really long way without taking up too much time or money.


Watch The Yard

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