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Captain Trinidad – Trinidad
Fighting Class: Brawler

Standing at about 8 ft, Captain Trinidad is a true mountain of a man. HIs powers are pretty straight forward; tough skin and Super Human strength. Captain T is often very optimistic and tries to motivate the members of the CJA team when they need it. He is a master of cooking several Caribbean dishes and is, at times, responsible for feeding theentire team. They all love his Roti. In conflicts He’d rather not fight but with brawler classes when pushed to the limit they really cause some destruction. No one knows for sure just how strong Captain T is. There is always this idea that he is holding back. What we do know is that his body is strong enough to withstand automatic fire. Only elemental attacks will work against him. Not fancy punches and kicks. It is not uncommon to find BB riding on his shoulders in fights since they compliment each other on speed vs power.. These two along side Scarlet make a great team. (More info on this character will be provided as time progresses)

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