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Vincent G – St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Fighting Class: Strategist

15 Year-Old Vincent G already has a Masters Degree in Computer Science. His Mother, (Lt Yurumei) is one of the founding members of the Caribbean Justice Alliance. It just so happens that her some of her Super Genes were passed on to him as she too has a great mind. “I will allow you to join CJA but your main focus will be intelligence gathering and tech support. And remember to always keep that mask on when on missions. I can’t allow too many of these guys out there to know you’re my son.” are the words she told him. And of course he still disobeys her. After learning to fly, Vincent soon found that he had the ability to transform any inanimate object into a robot or animatronic warrior. He creates all the fancy gear that the crew uses on their missions, fixes errors in the mainframe between playing video games with BB (Bahamas). He still has a lot to learn from his over protective mother who makes everything in his life some type challenge he must overcome. Vincent G often hangs out with other teen heroes like Bahamia Blue aka BB (Bahamas), BVI Boy (BVI) and La Poderoza (Dominican Republic).

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