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58 SGA Presidents Open Up About Why Watch The Yard is Important to Black College Students

We at Watch The Yard pride ourselves on being at the center of college culture for Black students.

Recently, Student Government Association presidents from across the nation at private colleges, state universities, as well as Historically Black Colleges and Universities opened up about the importance of Watch The Yard to college students at their campuses.

These students represent the apex of student leadership on their campuses. Read what these 2019/2020 SGA Presidents had to say about Watch The Yard below:

Howard University

“As an online platform that reaches students where they are and actively celebrates the accomplishments of our fellow HBCU students and alumni, Watch The Yard provides students with examples of what it truly means to be an active member of our respective communities. By celebrating all that it means to be an HBCU student, Watch The Yard not only broadcasts the culture for the world to see, but also allows us who live within it to feel seen and represented authentically.” – Howard University’s SGA President Taylor Ellison

Morehouse College

“I believe that Watch The Yard is essential to the college culture because it brings upon a sense of unity amongst all-black college students. This unity gives us the network of all HBCU’s and Watch The Yard serves as that bridge between all institutions; that is why it’s Imperative not just important.” – Morehouse College’s SGA President John P. Bowers III

Florida A&M University

“I believe that this platform is essential to Black students and college culture because it exposes the nation to the value of a college education. This platform effectively utilizes social media to showcase different experiences and various opportunities that are available by pursuing a post-secondary education. Students who are in grade school and may be on the fence about what life holds for them upon graduating high school are able to peek beyond their current horizon. For example, when I was in grade school, my family did not have the financial ability travel much, consequently, my experiences growing up were solely in Broward County. By following platforms like this, not only was I able to see a whole new world, but I was able to see young people who looked like me capitalize on these opportunities. This gave me additional motivation to continue to work hard and make the most out of my education to make a better life for me and my loved ones.” – Florida A&M University’s SGA President Rochard Moricette

Old Dominion University

“Watch The Yard keeps black culture alive in Higher Education. It serves a platform for black culture, with a special focus on greek life, to have a place to express themselves and showcase organizational pride on a large scale. It is a pillar of black unity and proves that you do not have to be at the same college and/or university to unite.” – Old Dominion University’s SGA President Isaiah Lucas

Coppin State University

“Watch The Yard is important to the black community, especially for black college students. It is essential to have platforms like this to highlight positive moments and uplift our communities. It feels good to have a platform like this that fills you with so much pride about who you are.” – Coppin State University’s SGA President Crystal Chukwu

The University of The District of Columbia

“Watch the Yard serves as the premier online platform for HBCUs and Greek Life. I think that it is so important to have spaces that highlight the best and brightest of our students and their endeavors. I also appreciate Watch The Yard for its content that markets to potential students on the value and significance of attending our HBCUs.” – The University of The District of Columbia’s SGA President Ajeune Lynch

Tennessee State University

“I think Watch The Yard is important because of it highlights on all the positive amazing things that our black men and women are doing. Watch the Yard allows everyone around the nation to see what are kings and queens are doing not only educationally but personally as well. This allows others to have inspiration to continue on the black legacies.” – Tennessee State University’s SGA President Katelyn Thompson

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

“Watch the Yard is important because it’s one of the only platforms that isn’t a catalyst for black stereotypes. It highlights black excellence, educated black men and women, black leaders, black history, and black culture. In a world where we are appropriated daily and made to feel less than for who we are, it’s refreshing to have Watch the Yard as an accurate, relatable representation of us.” – University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s SGA President Kennedy Marks

Fort Valley State University

“It is very obvious that the larger media is not a reliable way to understand the culture of HBCUs. Platforms such as Watch The Yard, shed light on the real on-goings of our beloved universities, in a way outside media wouldn’t have the connection to understand. I can only imagine how excited incoming Freshmen are to see the family they have waiting for them in the next step of their lives.” – Fort Valley State University’s SGA President Alexander Lowe

University of South Florida

“Watch the Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it highlights the accomplishments of underrepresented student leaders, culture creators, and innovators. It is important to document such achievements because one day these occurrences will be regarded as the “past” and those in the future can look back and see how for we have come.” – University of South Florida’s SGA President Britney Deas

The University of the Bahamas

“The rich history of people of African ancestry is one that is important and deserves much recognition. Watch The Yard currently provides a positive factor for college students to display our rich African ancestry and present-day university experience and tradition. It also provides an avenue for us to be kept informed of what fraternities and sororities are doing on their campuses.” – The University of the Bahamas’ SGA President Alexis Lightbourne

Longwood University

“Watch The Yard helps highlight the great things about black excellence across the country and reminds me of how many amazing black students we have in this nation. It connects us all so that no matter if you go to an HBCU or a PWI you can feel connected to our experiences and culture.” –Longwood University’s SGA President Haleigh Pannell

Tuskegee University

“Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture, because it highlights the lives, experiences and successes of Black students across the country. The content that is posted is always positive and encourages other black students to work towards excellence. Watch The Yard also shows the importance of HBCU’s and the Divine Nine Organizations.” – Tuskegee University’s SGA President Micah Dwayne Grey

Cheyney University

“Watch the yard is important to black students and college culture because it highlights HBCUs. Overall HBCUs rarely get highlighted or appreciated. Also Watch the Yard also is great because it understands the culture of HBCUs which makes them relatable.” – Cheyney University’s SGA President Tyah Fuller

Fairleigh Dickinson University

“Watch The Yard is vital to black students and college culture because of the single word, inspiration. Watch The Yard allows for black students integrated into the college culture, to see that many other students who look and think like them are undergoing similar experiences. Watch The Yard stands as a representative of the black excellence rising in our community and the ability for young minds in this same community to rise above obstacles and take charge. Using a social platform to help educate and uplift students and future world leaders, Watch The Yard has been essential in pushing the perspective of a black college student to a more positive outlook.” – Fairleigh Dickinson University’s SGA President Maame Mensah

Shaw University

“Watch The Yard is important to black students because we love to connect and network. It allows us to connect in a personal level while highlighting black excellence in a dope way. Young African Americans are claiming our culture as the Motherland of culture through social media everyday. The energy that you get when you put young black students together is so amazing and versatile; we are the leaders, the tastemakers, the trendsetters, the trend-starters and therefore the culture creators on any college campus. The Watch The Yard platform is a positive manifestation and representation of that energy.” – Shaw University’s SGA President Jechel Briggs

Virginia State University

“Watch the Yard is important to Black Students and college culture because it provides a platform across numerous social media websites that many black students would never see or experience personally in their lifetime. Watch the Yard is versatile where viewers may see a post or story as entertainment, yet may learn something new about their culture in another post. There is educational value, as well as entertainment tied into Watch the Yard, and I believe this is important in drawing attention to many things black students may not have otherwise taken note to, especially in terms of different college cultures.” – Virginia State University’s SGA President Joshua Hines

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“I believe Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it provides a sense of community. Students are able to connect and celebrate other students who are doing incredible things on a national level. It’s a platform to upload and love black excellence in many forms.” – University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s SGA President Hunter Martin

Virginia Union University

“Being a Mass Communications major allows me to appreciate the work of Watch The Yard through an entire different lens. The power of promoting positive stories about educated African Americans is so important in the year 2020! Watch The Yard is so important to Black students and college culture because it highlights our achievements. The Black community can rely on Watch The Yard to be an outlet that shares the good news aside from other platforms who negatively portray African Americans in the media or just fail to even mention us.” – Virginia Union University’s SGA President Nina Hicks

Prairie View A&M University

“This platform is important to our culture because it broadcasts the experience at our respective universities. Displaying how our students contribute to their communities, soar in their endeavors, and how much true culture we have. It shows anyone curious that this experience will prepare you for life after that degree. The last point is it brings a sense of attention to the issues we experience that are not seen directly for the public eye.” – Prairie View A&M University’s SGA President Princess Ojuolape

The University of Alabama

“As a freshman, many black students follow Watch The Yard because it showcases black excellence around the world, and I believe it is important because it still gives us hope that the future is still bright for all of us.” – The University of Alabama’s SGA President Demarcus Joiner

The City College of New York

“Watch The Yard is important because it provides a hub for the black collegiate community and connects people across the country despite their connection to the black college experience. After joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Watch the Yard only enhanced my Greek experience, because it offered a digital home that serves as entertainment, shares resources, and highlights people who are really making an impact in their communities. I am a huge proponent for preserving and promoting HBCU culture because it is really important and serves as an inspiration to the entire Black community. Watch the Yard has made me admire and respect HBCU institutions and what they do more than ever before.” – The City College of New York’s SGA President Frantzy Luzincourt

San Diego State University

“It showcases the true Black excellence in higher education, through the various outlets that we as Black students express that excellence. We talk about unity, but platforms like Watch The Yard embody that true meaning, and gives us a foundation in which we can continue to support each other.” – San Diego State University’s Associated Students President Christian Onwuka

Johnson C. Smith University

“Watch The Yard is an important resource to continuing the positive portrayal of Black students and colleges. This platform highlights multiple facets of our culture and how we are impacting our campuses, communities, and ultimately the world. The media displayed can serve as encouragement to those students who are beginning to make decisions about college as well. I am thankful for the work they have done and will continue to do.” – Johnson C. Smith University’s SGA President Shakoya Brown

Bennett College

“Watch The Yard and other platforms like it are important because it shows a positive representation of a Black college student and the culture. Often Black young people aren’t represented in the best light on various platforms but I can appreciate Watch The Yard for showing a different perspective. Watch The Yard also allow students to connect with each other and network through their page.” – Bennett College’s SGA President Ebony Duell

James Madison University

“Watch The Yard is important because it gives Black students and college culture a platform to be empowered. It’s hard being in college, especially when you feel like no one understands what you are going through. Watch The Yard gives students a common ground to be connected and to feel like they have others they can relate too which is so important when alleviating the Black college experiences. These stories need to be told so we can continue to open the door for more black students In the future.” – James Madison University’s SGA President Aaliyah McLean

Johnson & Wales University Charlotte

“I believe that Watch The Yard is a amazing platform for black students and college culture. I think that it is important for African Americans to uplift and support one another.” – Johnson & Wales University Charlotte’s SGA President Ge’Kovie Jackson

Montclair State University

“I strongly feel that Watch The Yard is essential and important to Black students and college culture. Not only does Watch The Yard represents Black students in a positive manner, but it shows the importance of why you should get involved on your campus where ever you are in the world. Seeing Black Students persevere and accomplish things that were once not possible for us to accomplish due to systematic issues is important. Although I am not in any of the Divine 9 organizations, I salute all the organizations for their drive and dedication to uplifting the black culture and creating a safe space for the black community.” – Montclair State University’s SGA President Jherel Saunders-Dittimus

Fisk University

“Watch The Yard and other HBCU based media is extremely important to Black students and college culture. It allows people who are not in an HBCU environment to see how phenomenal our Universities are. It also encourages future college students to become part of the HBCU family and Greek family. Watch The Yard is a great source for positive images of educated Black men and women which is exactly what America needs.” – Fisk University’s SGA President Sydnei Patton

Kennesaw State University

“Watch The Yard does a great job at promoting the achievements of individuals in an effort to inspire action across college campuses. The platform also deconstructs traditional notions that you need to possess certain attributes to fit specific D9 organizations.” – Kennesaw State University’s SGA President Tariq Bradford

LeMoyne-Owen College

“Watch The Yard is important for being a one-stop-shop to get news and updates about Black colleges. This is vital because the culture we represent is rich and deserves to be highlighted. Having a platform which is dedicated to representing the shared experience of Black students provides longevity and an opportunity to archive these contributions.” – LeMoyne-Owen College’s SGA President Sainna Christian

Kentucky State University

“Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it provides relatable content and networking opportunities for consumers already in college or graduated from college and it gives consumers looking to come to college a realistic representation of what it is, means and looks like to be in school.” – Kentucky State University’s SGA President Kierra Donald

Lincoln University of Missouri

“I think Watch The Yard is important to Black students and College culture as a whole because it is a positive platform that highlights the successes of people who look like us. We live in a society that only desires to portray the negative information about young black men and women. Having a powerful voice like Watch The Yard showcase our achievements is exactly what our young black men and women need. It is so inspiring for me personally to look on Watch The Yard Instagram page and see my peers making positive impacts at their respective University.” – Lincoln University of Missouri’s SGA President Jordan Smith

Southern University and A&M College

“I believe that Watch the Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it is one of the few platforms that spreads the positivity and highlights the impactful things that are taking place at our beloved HBCUs.” – Southern University and A&M College’s SGA President Donald Dunbar Jr.

Susquehanna University

“Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it creates a platform for students of color from different organizations across the nation to connect with one another and share in successes. It highlights a common culture that many of us are familiar with and has create a safe space where students of color can contribute and be themselves.” – Susquehanna University’s SGA President Donovan Gayles

Alabama A&M University

“It’s one of the major platforms that cater to black students and college culture. Also, it gives us a sense of inclusion in a world where we’re seen as just a minority. In my opinion, if Spike Lee had a modern digital yard show of news and achievements, it would be Watch The Yard.” – Alabama A&M University’s SGA President Jacobi Gray

University of West Florida

“Watch The Yard shows Black Greek Letter Organizations in a positive light. It highlights the positive impacts we make in our communities and reaffirms our purpose, which is to serve our communities and continue to preserve and uplift the black community to move our people and society forward. Watch The Yard celebrates our culture and allows us to stay connected with each other regardless of our location. Showcasing, celebrating and embracing our uniqueness, our culture, our genius and our commitment to each other, on a broader scale, is more critical now than ever. We need to see more positive images, hear more of the incredible stories of connection and solidarity of US. I’m proud of what you’re doing, and I hope that you continue to provide spaces like this for those of us who need it to draw strength and positivity from.” – University of West Florida’s SGA President Zenani Johnson

Miami University (OH)

“I think that Watch The Yard is an extremely important avenue of highlighting Black students in various lights. I think that it is more important, now than ever, to have this network as an opportunity to keep our black students and college students connected and up to date with each other so that, if necessary, we can form bonds and coalitions to keep each other encouraged, inspired, and uplifted.” – Miami University (OH)’s SGA President Jaylen Perkins

Benedict College

“Watch The Yard and various other HBCU media outlets are tremendous important in the collegiate community and surrounding demographics. HBCU media outlets as such provide college students around the nation with relevant information such as the importance of voting, global climate change, historical movements, and a plethora of other beneficial initiatives.” – Benedict College’s SGA President Jordan Rice-Woodruff

Norfolk State University

“I think Watch The Yard is important not only to black students and college culture but its also important to remind students of who they are and show them that you can be black and successful.” – Norfolk State University’s SGA President Linei Woodson

Tougaloo College

“Watch The Yard shows black excellence and uplifting blacks.” – Tougaloo College’s SGA President Nyaia Liddell

Jalen Dickerson

“I believe Watch the Yard is important to the black student and college culture because it gives open insight to all HBCU’s across the nation. Furthermore, it is important for black high school students because they are able to witness the culture of a black community.” – Wilberforce University’s SGA President Jalen Dickerson

Jackson State University

“Everybody wants to make the Watch The Yard page. It is the cool thing to make in school. It is the popping page. I feel the page brings a moral that everybody is trying to showcase their A game which is awesome. It is nice to see Black people trying to showcase their best selves, the media doesn’t show that too often, but Watch The Yard does. When black people are on their A game we are unstoppable.” – Jackson State University’s SGA President Jordan Jefferson

Clark Atlanta University

“Watch The Yard is important to black students and college culture, because of the positive light that they shine on black student and HBCU culture. We are living in a world that is ran by hate and at times it seems as if they only time black people are on the news is for something negative. Watch The Yards give the world an opporunity to be educated on all the greatness that is in our communities, and knocking down false information around HBCUs.” – Clark Atlanta University’s SGA President Levon Campbell Jr.

SUNY College at Old Westbury

“I strongly feel that Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it provides a platform where people of African descent can showcase, celebrate, and educate our culture. In the current times in which we are living in, I feel that it’s very beneficial to have a network that uplifts our community and acknowledge our accomplishments. While I am not in any Divine 9 organization, I salute all organizations for their hard work and dedication to uplifting black culture and the black community.” – SUNY College at Old Westbury’s SGA President Kalief Metellus

Texas Southern University

“I believe that Watch The Yard is important because they serve as strong pillar in the black community by highlighting the Black college experience. Watch The Yard allows people from all over the nation to hone in on other black individual’s college experiences as they’re shared.” – Texas Southern University’s SGA President Marcus Nash Jr.

Delaware State University

“I believe it is great platform to help show that there are young, hungry, humble black students that are seeking to become powerhouse individuals in today’s society.” – Delaware State University’s SGA President Usman Tijani

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

“Watch The Yard is important to Black students and colleges because it is one of the media platforms that highlights the Black community in a positive way. It uplifts and empowers Black people while promoting the excellence that we exude in versatile ways.” – Lincoln University of Pennsylvania’s SGA President Elisabeth Bellevue

Northern Illinois University

“Because our contributions to society are often disregarded or underrepresented. Keep showing off our black culture and show people what we’re really like.” – Northern Illinois University’s SGA President Naomi Bolden

Miles College

“Watch The Yard showcases black excellence in every facet and function on campuses across the world. They make sure HBCUs, Divine 9, and organizations defined by African Americans are and remain relevant in today’s society. Those featured by Watch The Yard realize that their hard work and ambition do not go unrecognized and the examples they have made will assuredly be followed.” – Miles College’s SGA President Keila Lawrence

Alabama State University

“It has an enormous platform that reaches black students all over the world. Always posting positive content. That’s what people need to see! I’m extremely appreciative of the work that they’ve done!” – Alabama State University’s SGA President David Whitlow

Dillard University

“Watch The Yard gives the world an opportunity to see what it means to be a black student in college and the successes and struggles we face regularly. The history is rich and the news is up to date.” – Dillard University’s SGA President Traelon Rodgers

The University of Tennessee at Martin

“Watch the Yard is important to black students and college culture because the media industry is primarily dominated and owned by White/Caucasian individuals/companies. This results in the accomplishments and achievements of African Americans being underreported. We need platforms like Watch the Yard to showcase our culture in a positive light and to tell the world about what college educated black people have being doing to better our society.” – Devin Majors The SGA President of The University of Tennessee at Martin

Winston-Salem State

“Watch The Yard, is important for Black students and college culture because it serves a space for students of color to be celebrated and a research tool for high school seniors.” – William Gibson The SGA President of Winston-Salem State

Clayton State University

“I think Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it allows us to share experiences and connect with like minded people without having to ever meet with them in person. There are not many spaces like this created specifically for young black students and I thank you all for that!” – Danielle Eubanks The SGA President of Clayton State University

Central State University

“Watch The Yard is important to Black students and college culture because it gives students an inside look of the different HBCU institutions we have around the world. It also educates our black community.” – Jenay Jones The SGA President of Central State University

Livingstone College

“Watch The Yard is important to Black Students and college culture because it’s a place where no matter where you go, what you look like, or where you’re going you feel the love from all HBCU’s!” – AnThony T. Bowman The Student Body President of Livingstone College

Northeastern Illinois University

“Watch The Yard is important because it show Black culture and black students lives in a positive , motivating, and inspiring way . Watch The Yard helps Black culture to let our light shine.” – Melanie Glover The SGA President of Northeastern Illinois University