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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Members Of Black Sororities

Elsa and Anna

Name: Elsa

Line Name: Lady FroZt

School: Coldsville College

Bio: Elsa is confident, smart, and stylish, and as a result, people are often intimidated by her focused demeanor. She may seem pretty high strung and cold but deep down she is a great person and her sisters know it. Elsa doesn’t get involved in too much drama on campus, instead she focus her attention serving as the chapter president of her sorority as well as serving as the President the Student Government Association on her campus. Sometimes it pays to be the boss…but once you let it go… it’s worth it.

Name: Anna

Line Name: RhoFlake

School: Coldsville College

Bio: Anna is the most sisterly sister ever. Even when school is over, she checks up on each sister every week. She is a networker and goes to official SGRho events and knows everyone by name. Even though she has a sister, to her, “Everyone needs a sister and everyone needs love.” She currently is working with a non-profit and writing her senior thesis on advocacy for people with disabilities.

We just found out that these photos are edits of AMAZING work done by artist, Hyung86. Click here to see his amazing artistry and original work and follow him on Twitter –> @Hyung86

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