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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Members Of Black Sororities


Name: Cinderella

Line Name: PumpKin

School: Kingdom College


Cinderella is that one pretty girl you know that everybody who meets stereotypes as stank(because she is so pretty and dresses well) but once they get to know her realize that she is the nicest person on campus. She is the total package and has no problem getting her hands dirty to help others. When she got to campus she was one of those girls nobody thought would go Greek but all of a sudden she takes her mask off at the AKA probate and everyone is like “I never thought you would cross!” She is given the name PumpKin because her shoe game is mean and she and treats everyone as if they were her “kin.”

We just found out that these photos are edits of AMAZING work done by artist, Hyung86. Click here to see his amazing artistry and original work and follow him on Twitter –> @Hyung86

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