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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Members Of Black Sororities

[Descriptions written by Antoine Tate and  Jonathan Rabb]

What if Disney princesses decided to go to college and pledge Black sororities?

Click on the arrows below to see which sorority they would pledge.

We just found out that these photos are edits of AMAZING work done by artist, Hyung86. Click here to see his amazing artistry and original work and follow him on Twitter –> @Hyung86

Snow White_Done

Name: Snow White

Line Name: Poison

School: Far Far Away A&M

Bio: Despite coming from a broken home, Snow White realized the importance of love after being adopted into a big family. As a result, she learned that she was a natural nurturer and that she wanted to go into social work. During her freshman semester, White learned about why Sigma Gamma Rho was founded and the rest was history. She was given the line name “Poison” ironically because she is the total opposite of it. When it comes to a service project, she is always the first on the scene and the last one to leave.

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