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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Members Of Black Sororities

Pocah_Done copy

Name: Pocahontas 

Line Name: DSTant Lover

School: Atlantic A&M

Bio: Pocahontas is a strong and loving person on campus who truly is about community engagement. She is a political science major and the person in her chapter who is always advocating greek unity events. She is super smart and a great public speaker who plans on doing an internship in conflict resolution at the United Nations next summer. She speaks multiple languages and is one of her schools top athletes. She is team natural and owns a bunch on crystals that she is always gifting to her sorors on holidays and birthdays. Her dorm room smells like a mix of Shea Moisture, incense and coco butter. If you were to check her Instagram right now, you would see that it is full of pictures of her doing kemetic Yoga poses with her boyfriend.

We just found out that these photos are edits of AMAZING work done by artist, Hyung86. Click here to see his amazing artistry and original work and follow him on Twitter –> @Hyung86

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