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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Members Of Black Sororities

Merida_Done copy

Name: Merida

Line Name: Bullseye

School: Old Scottsville University

Bio: Merida comes from a long line of AKAs. Her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and her aunts were all AKAs. But guess what? She gets to college and heads straight for the Deltas. She is that one line sister who is always protecting the others and is a wild and free spirit. She is all about Black feminism and is learning computer sciences so that she can start her own tech company and travel the world as a CEO doing whatever she desires. She was the sister who is alway getting the others in trouble on line and she is never scared to speak her mind. Oh yeah… her curls STAY luscious.

We just found out that these photos are edits of AMAZING work done by artist, Hyung86. Click here to see his amazing artistry and original work and follow him on Twitter –> @Hyung86

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