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30 Minutes Of “Knuck If You Buck”: For Millennials Dealing With Microagressions At Work

Dealing with microaggressions at work and school can often be too much to handle and leaves many feeling as though the weekend will never come.

People at your job keep making comments about your hair or coming to your desk to recite their newest (but outdated) slang. Josh in accounting just told you that your new tie was “LIT”. When you tried to update Karen, the manager of the sales team, on the new client, she ended the conversation with “Foshizzle my nizzle” and five minutes ago, you walked to the microwave in the break room just as Brett was finishing a sentence with, “and that is why it makes sense to build a wall.”

We get it. We feel you. And while we can’t walk up to your job and tell everyone off for you like we wish we could, we thought that we would help you by leaving this list of one song that we know will help many of you through your week. A great song, that we all hold near and dear and love. A song that poetically reminds its listeners to hold their ground and advocate for themselves no matter the situation.

Yes, exactly, we are talking about Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck”…it will get you through the week.

At this point you may be asking yourself, “Wait is this just an article with ‘Knuck if you Buck’ posted multiple times?”

Yes. Yes it is.

For Monday:

For Tuesday

For Wednesday:

For Thursday:

For Friday:

For Saturday:

For Sunday:

Bonus: For everyone dealing with the unfair inequalities of the gender pay gap.

And three more times just because we know you are dealing with extra stress thinking about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

We hope this helps, please send this to anyone who may need this to help them push through the rest of the week.

Remember: “You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important” and also “Now enough is enough, boy, rough and get stuffed, boy, Luck is a must, boy, knuck if you buck, boy!”

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