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Janelle Monáe is known to play around with the concept of alternate universes. Sometimes she is in an alien world or portrayed as a “fembot,” but for her music video for “Electric Lady”, Monáe puts on the some Greek letters to host a party in an alternate black greek universe.

Now from the jump you can tell that she is paying homage to Zeta Phi Beta; her sorority in this alternate universe is “Electro Phi Beta”. The party that they throw is banging and is visited by the likes of star choreographer Fatima Robinson and T.I. along with numerous others, it even includes a marching band and mini step show.

Here is a list of some of the stuff that goes on in the video.

1. Janelle corrects her mother who is obviously a GDI on the correct pronunciation of her Sorority.


2. She shows us that she is that Soror who always leaves her line sisters, who came to pick her up, waiting in the car because she’s spending extra time getting ready before the party. (Every chapter has at least 3 of these people. You know who you are…)


3. After probably practicing strolls on the street a block away from the party for 15 minutes, they show up at the party ready to dance.


4. Her prophytes are, were, and will always be legendary. (T-Boz, Estelle, Esperanza Spalding, Monica, and Com Kimbra)


5. “Oh those on the wall? Those are for decoration…’Electro Phi Beta Sorority Inc., is of course a non-hazing organization…'”


6. “OH YAAAAASS The fraternity that is supposed to be portraying the Nupes are here!” (They are based on Nupes)


7. These frat brothers(portraying Nupes) rudely steal a girl from conversation to take her to the dance floor…typical.


8. The DJ turns “Back That Azz Up”  on …


9. All of a sudden, the frat that was supposed to be portraying Nupes turns into Alphas…this is where we get a little lost…


10. Wait…now they are Sigmas…


11. Magically they turn back into Nupes or whatever they are supposed to be…we are still pretty confused about that part…


12. Time for the sorors to stroll!


13. Surprise! The guests find out that the reason for this party was to do a peep show to get everybody hyped about the upcoming probate.


14. They don’t mess up her greeting! Hallelujah!


Watch the full video below and share this post with a Zeta!

How do you feel about the concept of black fraternities and sororities being portrayed by artists who are not greek. It has been done many times in film including School Daze, Stomp The Yard and other films. Is there ever a point where it can be taken to far? What do you think in terms of this video, do you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.