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NAACP Call’s Watch the Yard a “Central Digital Voice For Today’s Black Experience”

Earlier this month, we at Watch The Yard reached out to our community and asked for their thoughts and feedback on why they think Watch The Yard is so important to Black greekdom and Black college culture.

To our surprise, among the 100s of comments that were posted, the NAACP showed up and left a comment that absolutely made our day.

This is what they posted:

“Watch The Yard is a central digital voice for today’s Black experience. It is important because it has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to celebrating the diversity, achievements, and historical significance of Black life. An intergenerational, international, and inter-organizational Black community, Watch The Yard is a unique space that archives our past, showcases our present, and nurtures our future.”

Naacp watch the yard statement

To get a glowing comment from the NAACP truly made our day. We will continue to be a “central digital voice for today’s Black experience.”

We do it for the culture.