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Alternative Snacks: 12 Delicacies that Black Twitter is Sneaking into the Black Panther Movie

Last week, Marvel dropped the trailer for Black Panther and the Black Twitter Universe went crazy with pure joy. Memes, tweets and posts about how happy people were to see a superhero movie placed in Africa with a strong Black cast made up of amazing actors were everywhere. Eventually, people decided that the movie was so Black that they needed to plan on sneaking some Black dishes into the theater that were not the normal candy and popcorn to fully enjoy the movie’s Blackness.

We at Watch The Yard made a list of the top snacks that people said they were going to sneak in in their tweets. We are dubbing this our list of “Alternative Snacks”.

Here they are in no particular order:

Jollof Rice

A plate from your aunty’s house.




South African PAP and Chakalaka

A whole rack of ribs.

Lambi (word to Haiti)

Jerk Chicken

Plantain or anything that includes plantain…

Any of the following chips…

Any of the following beverages…

There are so many possibilities.

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