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Six Steps to Building Your Personal NPHC Network in Order to Grow Professionally

Having Greek affiliation is always an advantage in life. Apart from having a great time with your soror’s or frat brothers, networking is also a huge part of the Greek experience. Fraternities and sororities have a huge alumni networks and after graduating from the college, these alumni contacts can assist in point you in the right direction, connecting you with people that can help you along your journey or even landing your dream job.

Being a member of a D9 has its advantages and networking with other D9 members outside of your own org can be vital to your success.

6 Tips To Keep In Mind While Networking

  1. Positive Language – The best way to get your message conveyed is by using positive language. Always be more inviting and avoid those words which can be misinterpreted for rudeness. Exercise your vocabulary and act like the educated greek you are!
  2. Establish More Greek Connections– Go to an NPHC meeting! NPHC meetings are one of the best ways to interact and meet with other greeks doing great things in the community and their career. Surround yourself with more influential greeks; having such connections will do wonders for you.
  3. Get Over The Internet! – Internet helps, yes. But making connections face-to-face will help you so much more. Support other D9 events! Go out and introduce yourself at other greek events. Be friendly. Being a member of your organization opens up doors you may never knew existed. Open them!
  4. Encourage your Frat or Sorors! – Support and encourage your frat or sorors when attending networking events. It is always a 2-way process. So sharing your contacts is advisable. Encourage them to be optimistic and see the good in networking with others.
  5. Join Professional Clubs – Apart from your fraternity and sorority, do join some professional clubs. It helps to meet like-minded people having similar interests and goals. You will be surprised how many African American Business & Professional clubs exist that are heavily populated with our D9 family.
  6. Volunteering Is The Key – Volunteering is always key! Find your niche, find what drives you and what you’re most passionate about and give back! Volunteering will always be the BEST way to network with other greeks, professionals, and leaders in the community.

Written by T. Denise Manning, Author, HBCU Life Coach, Business Owner. Sigma Gamma Rho.