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Should You Ever Wear Your Boyfriend’s Black Fraternity Paraphernalia?

Should I wear my boyfriends black fraternity sweater

So you are dating a member of a Black fraternity, you are over at his house and it is cold. You walk into his room to grab a hoodie or sweater to put on and as you are looking, you come across a pile of his fraternity sweaters. You think to yourself, “Ooh this would look so cute! He loves me and he loves his fraternity, I’m going to put this on and let the world know I got me an Alpha / Kappa / Omega / Sigma / Iota man! I’ll post a picture to Facebook or Instagram and give a subtle(yet not subtle) hint to the world and my girlfriends that I got chose, am happy, and flourishing with my man.”

[This is where the writer of this article takes a deep breath]


“But he said I could grab something from his room.”

You can grab his college sweatshirt, the sweatshirt with his favorite team on it, that old dingy sweater that he never seems to wash, that free sweatshirt he got from running that 5k back in 2013 BUT you DO NOT PUT ON HIS FRATERNITY SWEATSHIRT.

“But he loves me, what is HIS is MINE.”

Not his letters…his letters are HIS LETTERS. He worked hard for those. Wearing them is breaking his trust, it’s right up there with going through his phone.

“It’s just a sweater. I’m friends with all of his line brothers and cool with the chapter. They won’t care.”

Nope Nope Nope! Ya’ll can’t be this close if you think this is ok in the first place. If his chapter is cool with this, please send a letter to and name the chapter and we will take care of this immediately. Just to be clear, people go viral for this in a BAD way. You don’t want to do this and you don’t want him to be ridiculed.

“But I look so damn cute in this sweater. I gotta do it for the gram.”


If you are so interested in Black greekdom, discreetly hit up a sorority and inquire about joining. They do great things in the community, have great sisterhood, allow you to network with accomplished women in high places, are full of some of our communities top leaders and have a deep and long history of fighting for civil rights in this country. Just know that they don’t let just anyone join and you need to be a grade A candidate to even get the chance.

But you need to realize that whether it be a Black fraternity or sorority, this is not about the letters in the first place. It is about what these letters represent to the people who have earned them. But we don’t even need to get into all of that right now, let’s just stick with the basics.

Whatever you do. Don’t wear his fraternity sweater.

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