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Morris Brown College Regains Accreditation After Nearly 20 Years

After almost 20 years, Morris Brown College in Atlanta has regained full accreditation.

On Tuesday, the HBCU was granted full accreditation in a unanimous vote from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

According to Morris Brown’s President Dr. Kevin James, the school is the only college in the country to regain full accreditation and funding after 20 years without it.

“Morris Brown College just made history,” the school’s President, Dr. Kevin James, told the AJC in a telephone interview. “We’re excited about it. A lot of people had written us off. But due to a lot of hard work and dedication, we were able to regain our accreditation.”

Getting re-accreditation means that students can attend Morris Brown College, receive federal funding and graduate with accredited degrees.

The school’s leadership has planned to hold a press conference on Thursday to formally announce the decision and steps forward for the college.