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Lit HBCUs! Why High Schoolers Should Consider Applying to Harris-Stowe State University

Harris-stowe HBCU MIDWEST

Have you ever thought of going to an HBCU in the midwest? Have you ever thought of moving to St. Louis? If so, you need to check out the only HBCU in St. Louis, Harris–Stowe State University.

Harris–Stowe State University is an HBCU that offers the most affordable bachelor’s degree in the state of Missouri and offers 31 majors, minors and certificate programs in education, business and arts & sciences. The school has just over 1,300 students and students say that it is a good way to learn because of the feeling of community and family among students and faculty. With one faculty member for every 13 students, class sizes remain small, intimate and create a superb environment for quality learning. The Harris–Stowe is broken up into three colleges, the Anheuser-Busch School of Business, the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Education.

In an effort to promote enrollment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and African-American interest in higher education, Yard Talk 101 went to the school to show prospective students and high schoolers what campus life is like by interviewing students at Harris–Stowe State University.

Check out the video below. After watching it, there is no way that you can deny that Harris–Stowe State University isn’t LIT!

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