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The President of Harris-Stowe Just Let the Incoming Freshmen Know He Is the Smoothest HBCU President

The president of Harris-Stowe State University just let his incoming freshmen class know that he is the smoothest.

Dwaun Warmack, Ed.D., the president of Harris-Stowe State University and a Spring 1998 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. got on stage at an incoming freshmen event this week and let his campus know that their president still got THE SAUCE.

What is “the sauce” you may ask? Well listen to this perfect description of it below.

In related news, the Police Chief of St. Louis is also a Nupe and released a video with fellow Nupe Cedric the Entertainer doing some impressive work with the Kappa Kane this month. Click here to watch.

Those Missouri brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi seem to be holding it down in terms of leadership positions and overall SAUCE!

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