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Warm Girl Summer: Scientist Remixes ‘Big Ole Freaks’ to Highlight STEM Fields with ‘Big Ole Geeks’

Scientist and professor who goes by Raven the Science Maven has created a song for the STEM folks out there.

Raven the Science Maven, an AKA who crossed through the Gamma Phi Omega Chapter in Buffalo, NY in the spring of 2015, created a music video for the scientists to turn up to while at the same time highlighting STEM fields.

Formerly a corporate cancer research and drug discovery scientist, Raven is a college biology instructor, teaching human biology, microbiology, and foundational biology courses. Raven is also a full-time Ph.D. student, studying college science education and approaches to hip-hop pedagogy in STEM she holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology, with concentrations in cell and molecular biology.

The song she created is a play on rapper Meg The Stallion’s summer hit ‘Big Ole Freaks’ and is instead named ‘Big Ole Geeks’.

Check out the full video for yourself below:

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