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Leadership Advice: How to Apply Project Management to Your Chapter (Part 2)

In “How to Apply Project Management to Your Chapter” we discussed the benefits and specific steps to ensure quality and effectiveness in a project. The information helped individuals to formulate an easy project planning system. Today’s reading focuses on the key components in those steps, more specifically the keys to success in project management.

  1. Assign positions based on strengths, talents, and passions

    1. Many times people want to choose or assign tasks at random. However, that technique is not the best idea. It’s wiser to assign projects and tasks based on individual’s strengths and passion. For example, as an AKA undergraduate, I was very passionate about HIV. As a neophyte, my Big Sisters trusted me to plan the entire program because they knew I’d give it my all. In contrast, I’m not the best communicator, so another Soror was put in charge of social media and promotion. The key to assigning tasks is deciding who will be best for the job. Put careful thought into the assignment process to ensure the best quality work is performed. You will have less issues to worry about because the individual’s passion will not allow them to lose interest.
  2. Proper Communication and Honesty is the Best Policy

    1. If there is proper communication within a group, a smooth process is guaranteed. Communication helps to build trust within the team. Many team members have a hard time developing trust because they choose to voice their concerns and problems to the person in charge, instead of talking it out with their team members. It is important that team members are able to discuss their problems without involving anyone else. Another important aspect of communicating and being honest within a group is speaking up if you are unable or do not know how to do something. If you do not communicate this to the project manager, you risk putting the entire project and chapter in danger.
  3. One Leader Should be in Control of the Project

    1. Communication is easier if there is one person in charge, typically known as the project manager. All questions, concerns, and complaints are directed to this person. With one person in charge there is consistent and accurate information provided throughout the entire process, enabling the project manager to see how any changes may affect the project overall. The project manager is in charge of passing updated information to all the team members, ensuring that everyone has the means to complete their projects, and ensure the overall quality of the program.
  4. Always Focus on the Bigger Picture

    1. Not everyone gets along. Someone may have a bad attitude, others maybe lazy. However, it is important that personal issues do not have a negative effect on pending projects. Furthermore, if you are assigned a responsibility please make certain it gets done on time and correctly without any excuses. Personal life and issues get in the way, but with an adequate plan in place, you are aware of your assigned duties in advance. Therefore, it should not be any excuses.
  5. Remain Open to Other’s Ideas

    1. This is the hardest key to abide by. We all know the best ideas are our own ideas, at least we think. When you are focused on having only your ideas featured in a program, you are missing out on the bigger picture, especially if the majority of the group decide on a better option. It’s easy to check out the project and barely participate once your idea is thrown to the side. Besides the idea chosen was stupid anyway. Do not be a sore loser. Instead offer support and nurture the chosen idea as your own. It shows maturity and it keeps the team unified!

Applying project management to your chapter is the perfect way to ensure a program or project’s success. Applying the keys listed above to a project management process enhances the process. It helps you to see any issues you may have to address within the team. If you have any keys to success in project management to offer, please