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You young Greeks out there might not understand it yet, but once you graduate from college and your line brothers disperse across the country for work, your life changes.

Being around other members of your fraternity is great and building bonds with new brothers is a beautiful thing, but nothing will compare to the relationships and shared experiences you have with your LBs. When you do however have the opportunity to meet up with all of your LBs in one place, whether it be a conclave, greek picnic, wedding or over the holidays, something magically hilarious happens.

It does not matter if you have been away from your LBs for three years or forty years. When your line meets up, you experience a joy that might seem super cheesy to outsiders because of the amount of inside jokes and memories that you have. On some occasions, you might hit the town and that is when everything gets even more hilarious.

There is no better way to explain what happens when you all meet up to hit the town than this comical music video for the song “Keep On Lovin’ Me” by the Whispers.

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