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Watch The Yard Chapter of The Week: The Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha at The University of North Texas

The Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. at the University of North Texas is Watch The Yard’s Chapter of The Week.

We caught up with members of the chapter and they opened up about the chapter’s past, present and future.

Read their interview below:

When was your chapter founded?

The Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was founded on October 3, 1969.
Give us a quick history of the chapter.
The interest group, the Ivy Octet were the originators of the chapter and helped get AKA on the radar at the University of North Texas, they were initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha at Boule. The Electrifying Epsilon Mu Chapter was chartered by 26 illustrious ladies called the Proud 26. Epsilon Mu is known for setting a higher standard of excellence for women at the University of North Texas and being role models not only on our campus but in the Dallas-Fort Worth community. 
How many people are in your chapter?
What are some major achievements your chapter has held in the past?
  • We currently hold the title of highest GPA amoung all greek life at our university for 2 consecutive years
  • Cross-Council Unity Award
  • Highest New Member GPA
  • Members currently hold positions as NPHC Vice President, Eagle Ambassadors (Official ambassadors for the university), multiple mentorship programs on campus, Professional Leadership Program, Student Government Association, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and executive positions in multiple student organizations.
  • Members have held positions in the past such as orientation leaders, resident assistants, and Order of Omega Greek Honor Society.
What are some major events that your chapter has planned for the next year?
We have multiple programs coming up that promote our 5 AKA targets-Educational Enrichment, Health Promotions, Family strengthening, environmental ownership, and global impact.
Who holds leadership in the chapter? 
President- TaShona Williams
1st Vice President- LaShawn Lenord Smith
2nd Vice President- Hayley Brackens
How does your chapter improve and contribute to the college experience of fellow non-greek students on campus?
As mentors in multiple programs from Black student experience Mentors to Student Government Association mentors Epsilon Mu pours into all students on campus on a personal and professional level. We also put on multiple programs that help students learn and maintain college readiness as well as participating and volunteering in many large university events that promote student engagement. We have our hands in many different areas on campus as far as overall college experience is concerned. 
Why is it great to be an AKA in your chapter and at your school?
The Electrifying Epsilon Mu Chapter has a reputation for being top tier women at the University of North Texas. As mentors and community leaders it is great to be a member of this chapter because we have a lot of motivators, stimulators, and innovators within EM. We are a chapter that handles business first but also knows the importance of enjoying your college experience.
What does the future of Black greek life look like at your school?
The University of North Texas has all of the Divine 9 organizations on campus giving back to the black community. With one of the only Predominantly White Institutions in Texas with all organizations in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the future of Black greek life is extremely bright and will continue reigns supreme here on our campus. Members of NPHC continue to set the standard of Black excellence while making a significant difference on campus and in our community through events, programs, and involvement. In my time here at UNT there has never been such a strong sense of unity in our Black greek life. Multiple members of different organizations actually want to partner together to help our community. The NPHC board does a great job and our NPHC consists of amazing people who make individual moves on campus in hope of making people see that we are truly more than just our letters, we are workers. Personally, as the best NPHC in the nation we have a true honest sense of greek unity.
These photos were shot by skyrocket_dg

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