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These Spring 1996 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorors From Ball State Celebrated Their 25th AKAversary From Across The Nation

The world may be shut down due to COVID-19, and celebrating monumental events in your life with your sorority sisters may be tough but the Spring 1996 line of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. from Ball State University found a great way to celebrate their 25 years of sisterhood.

In Alpha Kappa Alpha, when someone hits their 25th anniversary of becoming a member they are called Silver Stars and these sorors who crossed on March 22, 1996, celebrated their 25th AKAversary this week.

“It’s the first major milestone that we look forward to after becoming a member,” Kyna Lee Willis told Watch The Yard. “As my Sands and I were so looking forward to becoming Silver Stars and celebrating together this year, unfortunately, the pandemic prevented us from doing that. However, we refused to allow COVID strip us from such a milestone. As a result, we planned for 4 months a Silver Star Production video that not only kept us in constant communication but it helped us celebrate virtually and go down memory lane.”

While these sorors may be spread across the US and located in Indiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Illinois, they were able to create this heartwarming video celebrating their bond and history together.

Just watching the video will remind you of the importance of finding a group of women you can call sisters to navigate life with.

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