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Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror Writes a Beautiful Ode To Her 61 Line Sisters on Their First AKAversary

Photo Credit: @IbyInfluence

Imani Barnes, a soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha from University of North Carolina Greensboro, recently took to the internet on the anniversary of her joining AKA and wrote a letter highlighting everything she has learned from her 61 line sisters over her one year in the bond.

The letter is a beautiful way of expressing and displaying her bond and sisterhood.

“I hope this thread serves as a small representation of how my sisters really make me feel & the way they challenge me to grow. I love all of them in a different way, for different reasons. Being FA ‘17 has never been easy, but it’s been worth it & that’s all that matters,” she tweeted.

Read the full letter she wrote to her sisters in the gallery below.

That was beautiful.

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