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These Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorors from FAMU Celebrated Their 5th AKAversary in Barbados

Photo Credit: @nwpcaribbean

To celebrate their line’s fifth anniversary, the women of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.’s  Spring 2013 line took a beautiful trip to Barbados. After seeing the photos from the trip we at Watch The Yard reached out to the line and soror Morgan Grain gave us the scoop on the line, their travels, their beautiful bond and their success as a line.

Read what she had to say below:

Our line has always been known as the Traveling/Road Trippin K’s because we were always traveling somewhere, attending other HBCU homecomings and meeting new people. We even had an ongoing hashtag during undergrad: #BAWorldTour. We had line sisters who studied abroad in France, England and the Dominican Republic, who worked abroad in Ireland, Germany, Guyana and Cannes France, and who taught abroad in Southeast Asia. Between her undergrad and grad school years, one of our line sisters even took a year long global excursion. We wanted to keep that same energy for our five year.

When it came time to choose a destination for our five year celebration, we knew we wanted to travel somewhere abroad during a culturally significant event that was important to the country we were visiting. So when our line sister Toya Womack suggested Barbados for Cropover it seemed perfect. She had attended the festival before, had the experience and knew the ins and outs of planning a trip like this, so we knew we would be able to do this properly.

Photo Credit: @nwpcaribbean

Needless to say, it was a phenomenal experience. We were able to participate in ForeDay Morning/Jouvert, explore an underground cave, enjoy beach/water activities and shop at local markets to support the local economy.

Our overall theme for our 5 year celebration is “The I.M.E.N.A. 5how” We are definitely a line with several HUGE personalities. And surely like many other BGLO chapters and lines, we’ve joked about how we needed our own reality TV show.

We’ve shared so many triumphs and tribulations, overcome struggles and celebrated accomplishments, we wanted to make sure while looking back over our 5 year journey we cherish the fact that through every trial, through every challenge, we stuck together. Those times made us stronger, helped us appreciate all of our larger than life personalities and accept each other for who we are as individuals as well as a collective.

Photo Credit: @nwpcaribbean

Along with our retrospection on our last five years, we also wanted to make sure we took the time to fulfill why we became members of The Original Beta Alpha chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.: to be of service to all mankind. During Homecoming weekend we will give back to the FAMU and Tallahassee community by providing scholarships to young women to help alleviate the rising costs of college tuition.

Florida A&M University molded us into the phenomenal women we are today, and we want to lift while we climb to help younger women following in our footsteps achieve their individual greatness by providing the tools they need to succeed. We also decided to bring back an old program our chapter has completed over the years by garnering funds to purchase feminine hygiene products for homeless women and women in need at shelters in the Tallahassee area. Homelessness is a fast growing issue in the United States, and as women we want to help ease the lives of those who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

Photo Credit: @nwpcaribbean

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