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Watch Sheryl Underwood Confront Charlamagne Tha God And People Who “Fat Shame” Zetas

“All organizations have women in them who know how to run the George Forman Grill and have mad snacks.”

That’s what former Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. International Grand Basileus (President)(2008-2012), Sheryl Underwood had to say to radio host Charlamagne Tha God in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club after he explained that he had been attacked on social media by the Zetas after he posted a question asking “Are Zetas still big?” on Twitter.

“We know we are voluptuous” she explained. “We have a principle ‘finer womanhood,’ it is how a woman carries herself. Whatever you are, you better love yourself for whatever you are. And being a Zeta should enhance the quality of your life.”

“One thing I am going to say about my sorors is we are going to REPRESENT. So I’m proud for my sorors for keeping it 1920 on you for something that they didn’t like! That’s what Zetas do. But then when you explained it, then they need to go ‘Hey if its true, or if its some of us…’ How can you be mad?”

Watch the full video below: