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The Mother-Daughter Duo From the Viral Zeta Phi Beta Dance Video Are #BlackDontCrack Goals

If you are a member of a Black fraternity or sorority or are in any way affiliated with Black college culture and have been on Instagram within the last 24 hours, there is a very high chance that you have seen the video of the Zeta Phi Beta mother-daughter duo doing a stroll to the Ciara #LevelUpChallenge that has gone viral.

Watch The Yard posted the video early Wednesday morning and in less than 10 hours it was viewed over 165,000 times with over 500 comments congratulating the mother and daughter on their amazing routine as well as making the observation that the mother looks the same age as the daughter.

We counted over 100 commenters who were in utter disbelief that this was a mother and her daughter and not line sisters.

“She is finer than a contact lens” one brother stated in the comments when referring to the mother.

To set everything straight and confirm that we were telling the truth when we stated they were mother and daughter, we reached out to the mother’s sister (who also happens to be a member of Zeta Phi Beta). She put us in touch with sorors Nylah and Nana Boone for an interview.

The mother, Nana, crossed through the Tau Theta Chapter of the sorority in the spring of 1996 at UVA and the daughter, Nylah, crossed in the fall of 2017 at Georgia Tech.

Read the full interview below:

Why did you both decide to shoot this video?

Nana: We both enjoy dancing it’s something we often do together for fun. Nylah has loved Ciara since she was 6 years old and met her at Atlanta’s Cascade skating rink years ago. Since then, we have both danced to her hits, even in hip hop / Zumba dance classes. When this challenge came out, we were both excited to learn this dope routine and thought it would be fun to make the video with the unique representation of our legacy as mother & daughter Sorors!

Nylah why did you choose to follow in your mother’s footsteps?

Nylah: My whole life I have admired my mother’s confidence, strength, professionalism and tenacity. She exudes finer womanhood in all that she does and has always had the support of her Sorors–I was literally born into the sisterhood of the Tau Theta chapter from the University of Virginia. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. was undeniably in the fabric of my DNA and I couldn’t imagine anything but #TheZetaWay.

How does it feel to have your daughter be your soror?

Nana: There aren’t enough words to express the pride, joy, and love that I feel to share this unique and special bond with Nylah. The reality that my baby girl is also my Soror allows us to have an even deeper level of connection in our mother daughter relationship. We travel, we dance, we laugh and we cry together as typical mothers and daughters do; but now we are also a part of this illustrious sisterhood and can join hands in doing the work of Zeta together

“My niece was literally born into Zeta,” Edwina Bawuah, the aunt, told Watch The Yard in an email. “Nylah has been surrounded and loved on by Zeta since day one. And that love showed itself full force when her mothers line sisters, and 15 other Tau Theta chapter sorors came from near and far to Nylah’s probate.”

People keep commenting saying you look like you should be line sisters! What do you do to stay  looking so young?

Nana: Besides the reality that #blackdontcrack, I stay youthful in my spirit by having fun, laughing often, and unapologetically doing things that bring me joy. This includes my love for travel, dancing, living a healthy lifestyle (i.e working out and eating healthy), and spending time with my loved ones.

There are three things that are guaranteed in life, 1. Black don’t crack, 2. There is nothing like the love between a mother and daughter, 3. A ZETA! Woman! Looks Good! E-VER-Y Day!

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