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The Iotas In Michigan Just Threw One Of The Most Entertaining Yard Shows Of 2016!

Have you seen how the Iotas in Michigan get down?!

We have not done this in almost a year, but we feel that it is only necessary that we give the brothers of Iota Phi Theta at Western Michigan University the coveted FIVE STAR RATING for their recent 2016 yard show. The FIVE STAR RATING is one of the the highest awards given by for yard shows and step shows. It is given to chapters who we believe exemplify their organization through the art of stepping and showmanship.

Not only did these brothers keep the crowd entertained but they delivered their lines flawlessly and incorporated intricate steps. We watched the video multiple times and there is a good chance that you will too.

It does not matter what organization you are a member of, you have to give these young men respect. They held it down for their school and their org and that is what we at love to see.


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