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Phi Beta Sigma’s King Bach has become the first social media star to have his own show!

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele just finished their legendary Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele earlier this year and now they are executive producing a single-camera undercover cop comedy starring Vine personality and Phi Beta Sigma member, Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach.

According to Deadline, “The untitled comedy is loosely based on a King Bach Vine and stars Bachelor as an undercover cop who grew up on the streets and goes back to his old neighborhood to take down the bad guys who bullied him when they were kids. Rubens, Key and Peele executive produce.”

Before stardom, Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach just so happened to be a Fall 2008 initiate of Florida State’s Mighty Mu Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma. Bachelor was raised and went to school in Florida where he was a star track and field athlete. According to his personal website, while in undergrad he “consistently ranked among the top 15 High Jumpers in NCAA and had a personal best jump of 7 feet 2.5 inches.”

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After crossing Sigma, he graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. From there, he enrolled in a program at New York Film Academy, and took courses at The Groundlings then moved to Los Angeles to become a star.


With over 14 million followers and counting as well as 5.1 billion loops, this 27-year-old Sigma is now one of Vine’s most popular performers. But it is not just social media where he is making his waves, Andrew has established himself on television appearing on shows including Burn Notice and My Pyramind and currently has a recurring role on The Mindy Project, House Of Lies and Black Jesus, Showtime’s House Of Lies and MTV’s Wild ‘N’ Out with Nick Cannon. He has also appeared on Key & Peele. 

Shout out to this young Sigma brother! The sky is the limit!

Click on the arrows below to see some of his recent vines.

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