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This Is How Phi Beta Sigma Revealed Its New Brothers at Mississippi State University

There are 11 new brothers of Phi Beta Sigma on the campus of Mississippi State University!

The Theta Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. just crossed their new line, the 11 Immortals of Solidarity. 

These new brothers made their prophytes proud and are now a part of the legacy of Sigma that has existed on the campus of Mississippi State University since September 20th, 1976.

The line’s D.P. was Gabriel Myles and their A.D.P. was Chris Rayford.

It consists of the following brothers:

Ace: Justin Jones
Deuce: Anfernee Pittman
Tre: Jonathan Sutton
Quad: Xavion Tillman
5 Club: Tyler Gardner
6 Club: Maurey Bland
7 Club: C.J. Morgan
8 Club: Alvin Johnson II
9 Club: LaDarius Beason
10 Club: Landon Lavigne
11 Club/Tail: Skylar Shields

They put on a great show, and will be surely be a credit to the brotherhood.

Watch their full neophyte presentation below and show these new members some love!

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