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Phi Beta Sigma Brothers Respond To Racially Charged Incidents at Duke By Donating $10,000 to the University’s Center For Black Culture

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma are making some major moves at Duke University.

In light of recent racially charged incidents of hate directed towards students in black spaces on campus at Duke University, the Alpha Alpha Chi chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. made a donation of $10,000 to the Mary Lou Williams Center. According to the chapter the donation was made “as a sign of good faith and our continued support of students across all of the African diaspora here at Duke University.”

“The Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture strives to promote racial understanding, build community, and foster an appreciation for and increase knowledge of Black people, Black history, Black culture, and the vast contributions of people of the African Diaspora,” the center’s website states. “Established in 1983, The Center remains a safe, welcoming and supportive space that reflects the core values, culture, mission and perspectives of Duke’s Black community.”

Watch the speech that the chapter gave before giving the donation below:

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