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The Sigmas are taking over!

It has been announced that Madison J. Gray, a former writer for Time Magazine, and a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma has been hired as the new managing editor of and

Before taking on this position, Gray worked as the home page editor for and Johnson Publishing, the parent company of both Jet and Ebony, announced Thursday that Gray has been brought on to the team to bring investigative reporting experience to the publications.

While being the managing editor of both Ebony and Jet is a lot of work, Gray is also a very active member of Phi Beta Sigma.

“I’m very proud to serve my community as a member of Phi Beta Sigma. This is the third chapter I’ve had the privilege of being an active participant,” Grey states on his LinkedIn profile. “In addition to being part of the managerial leadership of the Brooklyn chapter, Kappa Beta Sigma, I also serve as a coordinator for our Sigma Beta youth auxiliary where I can help shape young minds for the future.”

Grey pledged the Lambda Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma at Central Michigan University.

Having a Sigma as the managing editor of and is a big deal. Let’s show this brother some love in the comment section below!

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