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Back In The Day

When A 90s SGRho Tells You She Used To Break It Down, This Is What She Means!

Now you young SGRhos out there might think you can hold it down but you need to hold up for a second and watch this video to see how your old heads used to break it down back in the day!

When an 90’s SGRho tells you she used to run the yard back in the day, trust her. Check out this video of the Kappa Phi Chapter (UC Davis, CSU Sacramento, CSU Chico) winning the UC Davis Step Show in back in 1993.

Sorors who stepped included EnJunaya Canton, Antonia (Toni) Jackson, Samona Fair Caldwell, Aliya Gerstman Johnson, Geri Hazelitt, Maisha T. Winn (Fisher)-Summer 91, Angel Evans, Kathleen McDavid Epps, Diedra Jones (Shields) -Spring 92, Yvonne Beals, Sarita Lee-Spring 93, Tamika NIcole Williams-Clark Spring 92 and Kristin Camp-Smith Spring 93 were cane girls.

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