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Black Greeks Speak Out Questioning The Suspicious Death Of Sigma Gamma Rho’s Sandra Bland In A Texas Jail Cell

On Monday morning, Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old businesswomen and member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was found dead in a Texas jail cell and many are angrily questioning the official police report which claims she committed suicide.

Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, at 9 a.m. after being arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer during a routine traffic stop.  Sheriff’s deputies say her death appears to be suicide by “self-inflicted asphyxiation.”

Bland was pulled over last Friday while on her way to her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, for a speech on child welfare, civil rights, and social issues. Waller County Sheriff’s Department officials say that she was stopped for improper signaling a lane change. They say she was charged with “Assault on a Public Servant” and taken into custody by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper.

The police have now have turned the investigation over to Texas Rangers. Some family members and friends say Bland was found hanging in the jail cell, but authorities have not confirmed the exact circumstances around her death.

The sheriff’s department press release states that they applied CPR, but Bland was pronounced dead shortly after she was found.

The ABC7 I-Team in Chicago has reached out to Bland’s friends and relatives who say they do not believe the official version of what happened. The are suspecting that this is a case of foul play in a county with a history racial intolerance.

The hashtag #JusticeForSandy, #SandySpeaks, and #WhatHappenedInBland have since hit the internet and have hit social media and have garnered over 1,000 posts and reposts of family members, friends, and members of the Black greek community who are speaking out and questioning the official reports.

Sandra was a member of the Delta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. Her line sister, Alana Taylor, reached out to with the following comment about Sandra’s death:

“Sandra Bland is my line sister. Her personality and outlook on life alone DOES NOT resemble uncertainty or depression. She was a strong force that took life head on. Suicide would be the LAST thing on her mind as she was on the brink of starting a new chapter of life: a new job, a strong cause to fight for and a thick network of support. There are just too many discrepancies and holes in the official report. As far as her friends, chapter, alma mater and family are concerned: Sandy is still speaking and somebody is gonna listen. #SandySpeaks”

According to ABC7, “Members of Bland’s family and some friends say they will converge on Wednesday to protest in Waller County, Texas, which is 50 miles north of Houston. Family members say they intend to bring her body back to Illinois for burial when authorities release it.”

Did you know Sandra Bland? Please post your memories of her, pictures of her and thoughts about death in the comment section below.

Click on the arrows below to see pictures of Bland and read the official press release from the Waller County Sheriff’s Department:
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