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Leadership Highlight

Leadership Highlight: Krystal Seabron the Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho at University of the District of Columbia

Photo Credit: Katie Rosales @shadyxkatie

In an effort to highlight the young leaders who are leading undergraduate chapters across the nation, we at Watch The Yard reached out to the sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.’s Beta Chapter at University of the District of Columbia and did an interview with Krystal Seabron the Basileus/president of the chapter.

The position of president of an undergraduate chapter of a Black sorority is a highly respected role and there is a special pride that one takes. 42-year-old Seabron has used the position to gain new leadership experience, improve the lives of other students on campus and help the community around her.

We interviewed the Elementary Education major and talked about her position, goals, future and what it means to hold a leadership on campus in the digital age.

Read the full interview below.

What does it mean to be a chapter president to you?

Being the Basileus of the Beta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated means so much to me. It means my sorors trust me and my leadership skills. It also means I have a large impact on the future direction of my chapter. I have worked tirelessly and greatly waited to be a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated. To become Basileus is an honor. I can put forth my knowledge and best efforts to lead my chapter successfully. It is a dream come true.

Photo Credit: Katie Rosales @shadyxkatie

What made you decide to attend the University of the District of Columbia for undergrad?

Originally, I chose to attend the University of the District of Columbia because it was the only local school that gave me an opportunity to thrive. I had my first child in high school and instantly had to take on adult responsibilities, with little assistance. After attending UDC for a couple of semesters, I was unable to further my education. Years later, in 2016, I came back because I truly love my university. Although I do not live on campus, The University of the District of Columbia gives everyone the opportunity to pursue their goals and have a positive college experience. My university undoubtedly welcomes a diverse group of people in age, ethnicity, and nationality. Furthermore, my university treats everyone like family.

What specific initiatives is your chapter heading up this year and how do you think they will improve the campus/surrounding community?

This year our chapter is focusing on scholarship and partnership. We are taking the lead on two initiatives. The first initiative is a D9 Monthly Study Hall, a study session where all of the divine nine organizations come together and study with students on campus. The second is Greek 101, an informational for international students and first year students to get knowledge about greek life. These two initiatives are strategic in showing our campus what greek life is truly about. Beyond the stepping and strolling our first value is and will always be scholarship.

Photo Credit: Michelle Moss

What made you want to pledge Sigma Gamma Rho?

In one word, “sisterhood”. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated has a bond like no other. Initially, I began my research online. After browsing through a plethora of sorority websites, viewing countless videos, and seeing sororities on campus at UDC, I discovered Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated was the sorority best for me. The women seemed like that enjoyed being around one another. In conclusion, they look like what I thought sisterhood is supposed to envision.

What is it about your specific chapter that makes it so unique?

Our history is what makes the Beta chapter unique. Our chapter was established almost one year after Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority was founded. Which make us a single letter chapter. The Beta chapter was chartered at Indiana Normal School; then, it was later rechartered at Miner Teachers College. Our history of originating from two different teachers’ colleges shows Beta chapter commitment to education.

Photo Credit: Miracle Jones @miracle_is_my_real_name

We now live in a digital world, what do you think undergraduate chapters across all orgs need to do to represent themselves online in 2019?

All undergraduate chapters across all organizations need to ensure their presence is made known on social media. Essentially, social media is a free platform to showcase the plethora of activities we do on and off campus. Today, we are able to show different aspects of our organizations in the digital world. This includes, but not limited to showcasing both scholarship and service. Ultimately, as Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, it is always my goal to ensure our content aligns with the mission and vision of our founders.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is quite indescribable to me as I am a natural born leader. It is taking charge in difficult situations. Quite often, I do not hesitate to take action when situations arise. As a student leader, I strive to be a role model to my sorors in my chapter. Leadership means sacrifice. Sacrificing yourself for the greater good of the whole. Not only leadership means sacrifice, but also, it means service.

Photo Credit: Tajah Franklin @tajahmahal

Why do you think Watch The Yard is important to Black greekdom?

Watch The Yard is important because it shows the excellence that each organization brings within their respective campus and the community. Ultimately, Watch The Yard challenges greek organizations to think about a wide variety of topics, specifically, in community service, history and scholarship.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

In my opinion, sisterhood is a check and balance. In sisterhood, we celebrate one another when we accomplish something. We push each other to be the best us everyday. This means being honest with one another when we are wrong. Sisterhood is a never ending bond.

What do you plan on doing after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to pursue my masters degree in higher education. Ultimately, my career goal is to become a director of student life at an HBCU. Post graduation, I will commit to a graduate chapter. While in the graduate chapter, I hope to continue collaborating with undergraduate chapters.

We at Watch The Yard would like to commend Krystal Seabron for her work as the president of Beta Chapter Chapter which has a long legacy that spans back to 1923.

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