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Citibank Executive Deborah Catchings-Smith Has Been Elected To Lead Sigma Gamma Rho

Banking executive, Deborah Catchings-Smith, the Vice President of Operational Risk Management Governance at Citibank, has been elected to a two-year term as the international president of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Catchings-Smith was born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in Illinois. She attended the University of Illinois where studied business and finance and was inducted into the Epsilon Chapter of the sorority in 1978. In 2000, she took the position of Vice President of Operational Risk Management Governance at Citibank, a position that she has held for 16 years.

With over 34 years of leadership experience in the sorority, Catchings-Smith, has held numerous positions including the Basileus, Anti-Basileus, Grammateus, Anti-Grammateus, Tamiochus, Epistoleus, Nominations Chair, and Elections Chair on the local chapter level. She is currently affiliated with the Eta Mu Sigma Chapter in St. Louis where she is a charter member and the Charter Basileus. Catchings-Smith is also a supporting Life Member of the sorority.

As the new international president of the sorority, she has outlined her platform and plan for the future. This plan includes being, “laser-focused on identifying opportunities for collaboration within and outside the Sisterhood” and using fact-based decision making. She also plans to get the work of Sigma Gamma Rho, “done in the most effective and efficient manner possible.” As the VP of Operational Risk Management Governance at Citibank, she has stated that, “One of my strengths as a leader is designing and implementing effective processes that reduce duplication of efforts, rework, stress and burnout.” She also plans on increasing security of the financial and membership data increasing and promoting the culture of accountability within sorority.

“Each year, this Sisterhood impacts the lives of countless families in our community,”Catchings-Smith stated on her campaign website. “What do I see from those we touch? I see the warm embrace of gratitude, the smiles of understanding and joy, and the nod of approval.”

“I know firsthand the power of our Sisterhood,” she followed. “I have experienced your love so often. I have felt the strength of an extended hand. The extended hand of Sorors I know and have never met, who join with me on social media and at conferences as I celebrate the many milestones in my life. Those are the same hands that extended across the miles to pray with me, offering comfort when my husband was fighting for his life in the hospital. They celebrated his full recovery with me. Yes, this is the true essence of our Sisterhood.”

“I have a vision for our future and a plan to demonstrate our relevance to those outside our Sisterhood. I have a vision that includes you. I am your candidate with 20/20 Vision.”

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