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Sheryl Underwood is Opening Up Her Radio Show to Members of Black Fraternities and Sororities

Comic legend and former Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. just announced that she will be opening up the Sheryl Underwood Radio Show to chapters of Black fraternities and sororities who are interested in doing public service announcements to help the community.

The Sheryl Underwood Radio Show airs in 59 markets around the United States and reaches over 4.2 million people. We at Watch The Yard would like to commend Sheryl for opening up her platform to not only just members of her sorority but the entire Divine 9 community.

“Being on the public airwaves is a privilege, but with it comes a responsibility as servants to mankind. We all have to do our part,” Underwood stated.  “We know that there are a lot of great organizations working diligently to improve our communities and our world. We want to do our part to help them spread the word and share their message. Public broadcast media is one way that we can demonstrate our commitment and support of those “Doing Good In The Neighborhood.”

If your chapter has an issue that they are passionate about spreading awareness for the greater good of the public, we highly suggest that you take this into consideration. Having members of Black fraternities and sororities on air not only helps the people that these PSA’s are targeted at, but it also pushes, promotes and shines a light on the powerful culture of Black greekdom.

The PSAs need to be 30 or 60 seconds long and will air during the radio show across the country. According to the website, the PSAs must do the following:

  • Promote events and activities that have a local, state or national appeal
  • Promote or build brand awareness of a non-profit, governmental agency and/or civic organization or initiative

Public Service Announcements may be submitted as Pre-produced 30-60-second Spots or as Live Read Scripts for the SUR crew to read on air.

If you are an undergrad chapter and have any broadcast journalism or communications majors in your chapter, we highly suggest they submit a PSA for your chapter as a way to beef up their resume.

If you are interested in doing this, record a 30 or 60 second PSA and email the audio file to

Sheryl Underwood Radio, currently airs weekdays on:

KOSA Radio – Oakland CA
KEBN – Dallas TX
KMAZ-LPFM 102.5 – Houston TX
WHPR-FM 88.1 – Detroit MI
KMOJ-FM 89.9 – Minneapolis MN
WUJM-LPFM 99.1 – St. Peterburg FL
KTPG-LPFM 99.5 – St. Louis MO
WHPB-LPFM 98.5 – Orlando FL
KAZI 88.7 FM – Austin TX
WNSB 91.1 FM – Norfolk VA
WNAA 90.1 FM – Greensboro NC
WCLM 1450 AM – Richmond VA
WDAO 1210 AM – Dayton OH
WYGR 1530 AM – Grand Rapids MI
KMGG-LPFM 99.9 – Albuquerque NM
WWRN 1602 AM – Bethlehem PA
WBCT FM 90.9 – Columbia SC
KWCP-LPFM 98.9 – Little Rock AR
WMBT-LPFM 90.1 – Gainesville FL
WRWS-_LPFM 99.1 – Daytona Beach FL
WFHT-FM 107.5 – Lakeland FL
WFHT-AM 1390 – Lakeland FL
KYOM-LPFM 95.9 – Wichita KS
WEZO-AM 1230 – Augusta GA
WFQY-FM 99.1 – Jackson MS
KSSM-FM 103.1 – Killen-Temple TX
KISX-FM 107.3 – Tyler TX
WMEJ- AM 1190 – Gulfport MS
WGVV-LPFM 92.5 – Rock Island IL
WPNV-LPFM 106.3 – Peoria IL
WVAS-FM 90.7 – Montgomery AL
WRES-LPFM 100.7 – Asheville NC
103.7 Da Beat – Rockford IL
WDUP-LPFM 92.9 – New London CT
KBHT – LPFM 104.9 – Waco TX
KPPP-LPFM 88.1 – Fargo ND
WVAI-LPFM 101.3 – Charlottesville VA
KZWA-FM 104.9 – Lake Charles LA
KLEK-LPFM 102.5 Jonesboro AR
WXRJ-LPFM 94.9 – Bloomington IL
WUVS-LPFM 103.7 – Muskegon MI
KBOL-LPFM 100.1 – Waterloo IA
KOUS-LPFM 96.3 – Monroe LA
WASU-LPFM 92.7 – Albany GA
KTHN-LPFM 88.3 – Texarkana TX
KCGF-LPFM 100.5 – San Angelo TX
WMFA-AM 1400 – Raeford NC
WTSX-LPFM 104.9 – Kokomo IN
KOYO-LPFM 107.1 – Oroville CA
WOSB-LPFM 106.1 – Orangeburg SC
WQAT-LPFM 99.5 – Belton SC
WXRU-LPFM 107.9 – Piedmont SC
WVBH-LPFM 105.3 – Benton Harbor MI
WGNG-FM 106.3 – Greenwood MS
WPRL-FM 91.7 – Lorman MS
KJUK-LPFM 97.3 – Hooks TX
KBZE 105.9 FM – Berwick LA
KFRA 1390 AM – Franklin LA
WLBM-LPFM 105.7 – Danville IL
KCJM-LPFM 107.9 – Alexandria LA
KOCZ-LPFM 92.9 – Opelousas LA
KIEE 88.3 FM St. – Martinville LA
WGUP-LPFM 107.9 – Laplace LA
KSIP-FM 91.5 – Forrest City AR
KDIV-LPFM 98.7 – Bentonville AR
KHEE-LPFM 96.5 – Magee AR
WBFZ-FM 105.3 – Selma AL
WRML-LPFM 107.9 – Mays Landing NJ
WVIE-FM 107.3 – St. Croix VI
WVSD – 91.7 FM – Itta Bena, MS
WTBS-LPFM 87.7 – Atlanta, GA
KYLW-AM 1450 – Superior, MT
KMSO – 104.1 FM – Superior, MT
and online at

Please share this with as many greeks as possible, these kind of opportunities don’t come around that often.